Morsa a posted Sep 9, 15

I have never thought I would write this. 

Since 9 September 2015 Ambuscade has ceased serious raiding and has been reformed into a social guild.

When hard times came we did not give up easily and fought to keep the guild going. I believe everyone did their best and everything they could. However, we have reached the point where the time has come, no matter how hard it is, to let it go.

I have spent 5 wonderful, I will not exaggerate if I say best, years here and I will miss Ambuscade terribly. I would like to say thank you to those who created the guild and made it what it has been. I would like to say thank you to all the members old and new who dedicated their time to raiding with Ambuscade.


P.S. Here comes the reminiscence of the epic past

Rikko You're all cunts!
Vejeta Sad times indeed, gutted this guild has stopped doing what it should always of done, rl catches up with everyone eventua...
Sky Some say he (Drenex) is still taunting the Lich King and running away...

nobhead forever jav ;)
what's WoW?
so whos still a nobhead?
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