Imperator Mar'gok HC Kill

Incah posted Dec 16, 14
Our first notable kill of warlords, now on to Highmaul Mythic

Here's our first kill of Garrosh Hellscream Heroic!

"We just did it like ... BAM!!"
Incited Congrats guys, good job!
Ironlungs BAM!! indeed ;P
Not sure if I'll be back in time to start but can probably join later
Awesome. I will come on my druid, however I have to leave at 12 my time, as I gotta get the bus to Ben Yeuda at 12:15 so I get a spot at the pub for the superbowl. <3
Lunais " Nuke nuke nuke" and Coffay who nearly hsatterred our eardrums ;p
Oh my that brings back some memories
ALT Run tomorrow (Sunday) - raid time. going heroic only
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