Here's our first kill of Garrosh Hellscream Heroic! You can find more of our kill videos on our Ambuscade YouTube channel!

"We just did it like ... BAM!!"
Coffinjumper Congrats guys, good job!
Ironlungs BAM!! indeed ;P
So here we are at the end of another tier in World of Warcraft and another heroic end boss kill for Ambuscade! We lost some brilliant people and players on the way through the tier but we also gained brilliant people. Not forgetting the players who stuck with us through the tier and frustrating wipes!

Sitting on a strong team for Warlords of Draenor, we're looking forward to the new exspansion!

1 thing left to ask... Jav, can i bring my mage now?!
PALA T17 WOD - [link]
what about wow?
just play without it
Cant get mumble to work so i think you will have to start without me
You do not have access to shout
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